BUILDING DESCRIPTION The Airfield is where all Aircraft are Produced and Scraped. Airfield pic
EFFECTS OF UPGRADE The level of the Airfield determines both Aircraft's Build and Repair Rates and the Airfield's Total Capacity.
BUILDING GROUP Military Buildings
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Upgrade ProgressionEdit

Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Command

Time Boost To
Build & Repair

    Metal         Oil    
1 3,024 1,210 10m 3 30 0% 510
2 8,352 3,341 1h 3 40 5% 570
3 23,040 9,216 1h 36m 4 50 10% 640
4 63,360 25,344 2h 33m 4 60 15% 715
5 174,240 69,696 4h 05m 4 70 20% 800
6 480,960 192,384 6h 33m 5 80 25% 900
7 1,324,800 529,920 10h 29m 5 90 30% 1,000
8 3,600,000 1,440,000 16h 46m 5 100 35% 1,130
9 10,080,000 4,032,000 1d 2h 50m 5 110 40% 1,260
10 18,360,000 10,944,000 1d 20h 00m 5     120     45%     1,400    
Total   34,117,776     17,247,111  

Upgrade Experience (XP)Edit

Experience Points Awarded per Upgrade Level
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9 Level 10
1,479 2,043 33,266 91,729 252,809 701,175 4,371,180
For More information on this see Experience Points.

States of RepairEdit

Normal Damaged Destroyed
Airfield1 Airfield1.damaged Airfield1.destroyed
100% to 50% Health 49% to 1% Health 0% Health
Total Repair Time : 30 sec

Building FunctionEdit

Aircraft Building / Scrapping Edit

The Airfield is where the building and removal of Air Units is preformed. It also gives vital information about each Air Units available to the Commander.


  1. Unit Availability - Shows the available Units for building. It also show the number of each that currently in the Airfield.
  2. Unit Info - Shows vital info about each Unit Type: Production Cost & Time, Stats and Space required.
  3. Airfield Capacity - Show the total Used & Available space for adding Units. Space Available is determined by the Level of the Airfield.
  4. Unit Building - Show the Time remaining on the current Unit being trained and the production order of the units waiting to be built.
  5. Airfield Level - Shows current level of the Airfield and the Unit Building and Repair Time Bonus for that level. Also gives the same info for the Next Level if applicable.

Aircraft RepairEdit

The job of repairing of all Air Units was moved out of the Airfield with the introduction of the Aircraft Platoon. Now all repairs take place in the Platoon Manager.


Relationship to The Aircraft HangarEdit


The Aircraft Hangar requires the Airfield to function


Relationship to The Drone SiloEdit


The Drone Silo requires the Airfield to function, similar to the way Bunkers need the Barracks. That is Drone Silo can only be filled by Drone Units that are already Built and being housed in the Airfield.

Once Drones Units are moved to the Drone Silo space is freed up in the Airfield allowing for the building of more Air Units.


However, in order for Drones to be removed from the Drone Silo there must be adequate space available in the Airfield.


Related MissionsEdit

Mission Icon Mission Description Awards for Completion
Metal Oil Medals
? Build an Airfield. 8,000 6,000 MedalIcon 0
Some Missions May Not Be Available Until The Completion Of Others.

Additional FactsEdit

  • The Airfield requires that the Tech Center be built prior to its construction.
  • The Airfield and War Factory continue to repair the Units they are responsible for when damaged or in the process of being upgraded. However, these repairs can not be viewed or controlled until the buildings have been fully repaired or upgrading has been completed.
  • The Airfield pauses its production of Air Units when Damaged or being Upgraded. When fully repaired or when the upgraded has completed the production will pick up where it left off.
  • Power from the Power Plants is only consumed by the Airfield when it is actively building Units. No Power is used when it the Airfield is idle or when Units are being repaired.
  • The Airfield, with its Footprint of 10x6 and total area of 60 it has the largest Footprint of any Building on the Player's Base.

In-Game QuotesEdit

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BIRDS OF PREY - Commander, you can now produce air units. Together, we will own the skies.
  — Construction Complete Message 

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  — In-game description 

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